Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Variable, depending on your lifetime sales volume.
Base commission Starting at 10.00% and based on sales volume


If you are a Grapheneer and want to help us expand the reach of our brand, then you are in the right place. This program is our token of appreciation for those of you who will help to promote our products. 



1. Base Camp: 10% comm + 10% Coupon code (for followers). Once you reach $100 in sales you move to Tier 3. 

2. Tier 3: 10% comm + 10% Coupon code (for followers) +1 Layer X T-shirt for yourself and 1 for giveaway among your audience.

3. Tier 2 (Once Reached $1500 Total sales): 15% comm +10% Coupon code (for followers) +1 GRAnaREC Jacket for yourself and 1 for giveaway among your audience.

4. Tier 1 (Once Reached $5000 Total sales): 20% comm + 10% Coupon code (for followers) +1 OMEGA pants or Alpha Series Jacket for yourself and 1 for giveaway among your audience.

1. By no means share your code on coupon aggregator sites. 

2. You cannot digitally advertise using your affiliate link (through Facebook, Google, web banner ads, or any other paid digital media).

3. You must disclose to us where you are sharing your affiliate link, both upon registering for our program, and any time we inquire.

4. All payments happen through Paypal in USD. You must have a commission balance of $100 or more to receive a payout. Payouts typically happen during the first days of each month.

5. If we believe that your link or account is being abused or improperly used, we may remove you from the program.

Thank you for being here! We are excited to start this program and truly believe in the potential of networks so go ahead and let's make this happen! 

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